We specialize in
Induced Polarization and Resistivity
and Ground Magnetics

KTTM is a British-Canadian company based in Medellin, Colombia. Working here for the last 3 years in some of the most difficult terrain found anywhere. From 4000 meters in altitude to tropical jungle. We specialize in gold, copper, silver, platinum, etc. Our team has many years of experience in Latin America and especially in Colombia. Focusing specifically on ground geophysical services, we are able to guarantee that our clients receive the full attention and benefit of our English-Spanish speaking team.

Whether you are looking at IP and resistivity or ground magnetics, KTTM is well equipped and capable of providing these services. Since we are based conveniently in Medellin, we are able to quickly and easily operate anywhere in Colombia.


• Continental Gold (Colombia)
• Colombian Mining Corporation (Colombia)
• Antioquia Gold (Colombia)
• Sociedad Sorotama (Colombia)
• Galway Resources (Colombia)
• Sunward Resources (Colombia)
• Seafield Resources (Colombia)
• Ecometals (Ecuador)
• MPH Resources (Ecuador)
• Solex Resources (Peru)

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